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~{these are the kinds of things we only ask on a rainy day}~

[Sitting under the protection of a gazebo is one Dr. Carol Marcus, who is watching the rain in the manner of those deep in thought- looking through it, not at it.

It's pretty quiet, except for the pitterpatter of raindrops on the gazebo roof, so it may seem a bit odd when suddenly she turns towards you, a distant but still inquisitve look in her eyes. Although her tone of voice is light when she speaks, the question she asks isn't.]

What's the most difficult decision you've ever had to make?

[OOC: Carol's been feeling a bit pensive lately, so I thought I'd bring her here for some deep conversation time! Not really related to any particular event except for the rain. As usual, OTA for CR, males for romancing even though she's kind of still in love with someone else. Actionspam or prose is fine.]
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