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The Romance Dressing Room
LJ's first romance/shipping DR
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11th-Oct-2012 12:35 am - Let's Dance
Dressed Nice
Raye yawned against her hand. She'd stayed out too late, running errands on a school night, and she was more than ready to go home and take a hot bath before crashing into bed. Her grandpa was probably sound asleep already by now, and she was pretty sure the new guy at the temple had similarly crashed. And that was good. She suspected that Serena had been trying to nudge the two of them together, particularly with a dance fast approaching at the school Serena attended.

But Raye went to an all girls' school, so attendance was out of the question. Raye had said she'd be happy to help the others shop for a dress, but she was going to skip this one. There wasn't anyone at Serena's school she liked enough to ask out, even if the new guy was pretty cute. There was still something strange about him that Raye couldn't quite put her finger on. He gave off weird vibes, but he didn't seem evil. It was best to keep an eye on him until she could figure out what his deal was, but that didn't mean she was about to start dating him.

Serena wasn't going to change Raye's mind about it, either.

She pulled the zipper of her jacket up a little higher, then buried her hands in her pockets as she quickened her steps. It was starting to get pretty cold at night, this time of year. Days were getting shorter, and nights were getting longer. And that meant there would be more leaves to rake.

A shrine maiden's work was never done, was it?

(OOC: Raye's only interested in dating guys, but if any castmates just want to play around with CR, please feel free! Raye's from the English dub, fyi.)
28th-Feb-2012 10:59 am - Valentine's Day Chocolate
Getting chocolate into someone's shoe locker was treated like a top secret infiltration mission. She'd had it all planned out. At 1308 hours, she would ask to use the bathroom, beg if she had to! Then Orihime would dash downstairs, avoiding the hall monitor by using the steps on the far side instead of the central stairway in the middle, sneak to the lockers when he patrolled in the opposite direction, and commence the operation in under 30 seconds. All she had to do was take the chocolate hidden in her own locker, transfer it to his, and then duck into the bathroom to make her claim more credible if she was interrogated by the enemy hall monitor.

The chocolate was hand-made. Tatsuki had to convince her to just use plain chocolate in molds rather than filling it with 'surprise centers', as coconut curry tasted a lot better in bread than it did in chocolate. Orihime was reluctant to agree, but she had to admit, it wouldn't destroy her limited budget for groceries that way.

Instead of picking up a mold with hearts or cupids, she found one with robots, and gladly filled each mold with a steady drizzle of melted milk chocolate. After they'd cooled, she wrapped them in a neat blue cloth printed with gold gears, and tied it off with a ribbon and a tag. Her name was nowhere to be seen - this was about as bold as she could manage - in favor of just wishing 'the target' a happy Valentine's Day. She didn't want him to think that he owed her a return present on White Day, so if he never knew who it was, he wouldn't have to, BWAH HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

...Then again, anyone who knew Orihime would find the chocolate robots to be a dead giveaway.

(OOC: Targets are guys only, but I'm okay with CR too!)
28th-Jan-2012 09:49 am - The Demon and the Maiden
Silently Breaking
It was time for the city of Riddleport to offer its very first sacrifice to the demon lord.

No one could say that they were all that easy with the creature that had claimed the town for his own, and deemed it to be under his 'protection'. The goblins, orcs, and other assorted nasties that had harried the citizens for years now left the port city well alone, and there were rumors that those criminals who sought to rob or kill often met with grisly ends at the demon lord's hands. He had brought peace of a sorts to the town, and no one could deny that life was better.

But that better life came at a price. Every year, he'd commanded, they were to bring him a sacrifice. And for this first year, that sacrifice had to be a maiden. 'Choose well,' he'd warned them. 'If she displeases me, I will destroy this town and every life within it for your lack of gratitude.'

It had been fairly easy for the town to decide which girl would be presented to the demon lord. Orihime was young and pretty, and what was more, she had no upper-class standing, and no family to speak for her. She lived alone in a small hovel ever since the passing of her older brother. With no money and no connections, she wouldn't be missed.

She was bathed and dressed in fine garments of white, finer than anything she'd ever worn before, and then she was ushered down the street with her hands tied behind her back. There was really no reason for the binding except for ceremony -- Orihime hadn't offered any resistance when she'd been taken from her home. The reasons she'd been selected had been made clear to her, and as frightened as she was at the prospect of being offered to a demon, she had to admit that the reasons were good ones. Someone had to go, after all.

As they drew closer to the town square, Orihime felt her anxiety starting to fall away, replaced with resignation. Her hands no longer shook. Whatever happened, happened, and though she certainly wasn't looking forward to her fate, at least it was for a good cause, right? That was better than wasting away with an incurable illness, or being gutted for a handful of coins. Of course, getting eaten wasn't exactly her idea of a nice way to go...if, indeed, that was what the demon wanted with her. (Why wouldn't it be?)

They brought her up to the dais, one of the guards turning her about to face the assembled crowd with a firm hand on her shoulder. He looked at her with apologetic sympathy, so she put on a faint smile for his sake. No one really liked this, but it had to be done. How could she hold a grudge for that?

(OOC: Because romance needs more ACTION! Multiple options offered here. You can play the part of the hero that either runs off with Orihime, and/or fights the demon. OR, you can be the demon himself, who might or might not actually be a pretty decent guy if that's the case, who possibly took pity on Orihime's circumstances and plans to take her to his castle for a nice cushy (possibly romantic) life. It's up to you, go nuts!)
18th-Jan-2012 01:12 am - Political Marriage of Convenience
"YOU GOT MEYRIN WHAT?!" Meyrin sighed and rolled her eyes at the sudden outbursts of her older sister Lunamaria Hawke. Compared to the older Hawke sister, Meyrin was much more shy and demure. But then again, she didn't blame her sister one bit for her outbursts... especially this one. In a few days time, Meyrin was to be married. It was an arranged marriage planned out by her parents to unite both families together for a greater good. Or so they say. Naturally, Meyrin reacted the exact same way as what her sister just did, but she knew it was for the best.

Things have changed so much since the last war. It felt as though it was only yesterday that she was working at the Minerva bridge crew in ZAFT, where she supervises the ship's mobile suits and communications. And now... she was getting married. She never really had the thought about getting married one bit, she was only 18 after all. She rolled onto her stomach and caught sight of the photograph at the foot of her bed.


Her fist love. Athrun Zala. It has been quite a while since she last saw him. She began to wonder if he was doing well. Truth be told, she still had deep feelings for him. But... she never got to tell him at all.

She heard the door of her sister's room slam shut. Sighing again she began to wonder and think of how her future husband would look like and who would it be. She was supposed to meet him and his family later today to work out the arrangements of their wedding. A knock on the door from her mother signaled her to get ready for the meeting. Taking a deep breath, she got up from bed and looked through her closet for something presentable to wear.

(OOC: Alrighty people! This is an arranged marriage out of convenience due to political matters. The options are endless! You can either be the man she was supposed to marry or another guy who has eyes for her in hope he would be able to impress her! The possibilities are endless! Calling out to Mr Athrun Zala here, but I'm also open to others! Meyrin is straight on this one so guys only please~ Thanks so much~ )
14th-Nov-2011 11:02 pm - Coming In Out of the Cold
Bundled Up
The blizzard had struck without warning. If there HAD been a warning, Chie hadn't seen it. The cabin didn't get TV reception all the way out in the mountains. Despite the heavy parka and thick mittens, her teeth were chattering, and her whole body shivered violently as she crunched across the deep white fields. Ducking her head against a swirl of snow and a sharp biting blast of wind, Chie had come to realize two very important things.

One: Training in the mountains is not as fun or awesome as the movies make it out to be.
Two: Though her Persona protected her from ice attacks, Chie was just as vulnerable to the cold as anyone else in the real world.

It was getting difficult to put one foot in front of the other. The snow came up to her knees, and it was hard work moving through it. On top of that, she was tired, cold, and hungry. The only thing that kept her going was the sight of those warm squares of light up ahead, as welcoming as harbor lights to a vessel that had been lost at sea for weeks. Once she got inside, she could shed her wet clothes, boil some water and mix it with a packet of instant miso soup, and huddle in front of the fire for...pretty much forever.

But first, she had to actually get there. ~C'mon, iron will!~ she tried to encourage herself. Even her brain felt like a topsicle.

(OOC: Options! You have them! Maybe you came to the mountains with her to share a cabin. Maybe she got misdirected and thinks the cabin up ahead is hers, instead of yours. You can rush out to carry her inside, wait for her to stomp through the door and complain, even treat a fever if you feel so inclined. Choose anything you like, go nuts! Also, Chie's straight, so guys only please!)
And here we are, in a gorgeous garden, where all the trees have turned and set fire to their leaves. It's almost a perfect picturesque image of fall, with the fallen colors littering the ground, cast in golden light from the sun on this clear day. But here in this garden is a very unhappy looking man who's kicking at the leaves as he walks along. He's an odd one to be sure, with his pale hair and skin, and eyes like a cat's. His face also seems to be set in a permanent scowl, and he glares at anyone who happens to pass to close to him.

"This is completely useless!"

He says aloud to no one in particular. Actually, he seems to be a little irked at finding himself within the City and without a path back home. As strong as he may seem on the outside, he doesn't do particularly well in situations where everyone he knows and depends upon has mysteriously vanished off the face of the planet. Or maybe he's the one who's vanished. Either way, it's all combined to make him rather agitated and snappy.

"I am so sick of this shit..."

((ooc; Hello everyone, I'm dragging my grumpy OC in here! <3 There's a little info on his background/canon in his journal for those that are curious. Open to CR for either gender, but romances will lean toward the male end of the spectrum, and all will need serious development. And do bother him and say hi, he's really not a mean person deep down! c: ))
6th-Oct-2011 05:14 pm - introductions ♔ fields of gold
The day had started off nicely; the sun was not too bright and there was a tranquil, autumn breeze in the air. What truly made these gardens magnificent was how all the leaves changed colours. With reds, oranges, and yellows, Zelda enjoyed her stroll along the small path, dead leaves crunching beneath her feet as she strolled along, the wind softly playing with her hair.

The scenery around her was such a lovely one that the Princess had to extend a delicate finger to run satin over soft flower petals; with the slightest of touches, they fell to the ground without a noise as it became melanged with all the other fallen leaves. This good weather seemed to carry on, but a sudden change of wind made her realise otherwise; clouds gathered rapidly as the wind picked up and rain began to fall, scattering the leaves in its wake.

In an attempt to shelter herself from the bitter cold, Princess Zelda ran and sought cover in a gazebo that had creeping vines all around it, little white flowers blooming from the green foliage. Taking a seat on one of the cushions, Zelda looked to either side of her, wondering if anyone else was wandering the gardens at this time. The rain pounded the roof of the gazebo without mercy; it did not seem like it would let up any time soon. Taking a sigh, the Princess laced her fingers together and leaned back into the cushions, knowing that she would be here for some time.

[ooc: Princess Zelda here. She is taking shelter from the rain, inside a gazebo, and waiting to resume her walk. Men only for romance, and castmates Link would be loved.]
19th-Sep-2011 02:34 pm - First date (for leekspin)
Was he arriving at the right time? Duo wasn't sure. He wasn't kidding when he said he never had done this before. Orihime said "around dinner time" and to be honest, any time was dinner time for him. And where were they going to go anyway? Did he need to dress up? Fancy stuff wasn't exactly his thing. But he wanted to do this right, and Orihime...

...Orihime liked him for what he was. He was being an idiot, wasn't he? Over-thinking this way too much. It was better if he just went by his instincts. They've worked so far! So Duo chose to go with his usual attire (jeans and a comfy jacket), grabbed an extra helmet (black and not very girly, he hoped Orihime wouldn't mind) and drove his bike to his date's apartment.

Ha. Date. It still felt weird, thinking of her like that, but it still made him all silly and smiling.

The night was perfect, not too hot or too cold, so the ride was smooth as they come. Taking the little piece of paper from the spot on his hair where he had put it earlier, he checked the address and rang the right bell.
13th-Sep-2011 10:43 am - Study Session
o halo thar
Some people preferred to study in a place where there were minimal distractions. The more stark, plain, and depopulated an area, the easier it was to concentrate. For Orihime, it was the opposite. She liked the background sounds of cheerful chatter punctuated by a bright laugh, and a comfortable booth to squeeze into, and most of all, the good smells of freshly-baked goods and hot coffee. She didn't drink coffee herself, but she still liked the way it hung in the air when she was reading or working out math problems.

She'd agreed to meet her study partner here, having heartily recommended the place based on its incredible pastries, and she occasionally glanced up from her textbook whenever she heard the tinkle of the front door's bell to announce a new patron.

No sign of him yet, though. That was fine, she knew she was early. It gave her a chance to swoop down on the cheese danishes like a bird of prey, to ensure that he got to eat one. To her, they were the best thing served, seconded by the raspberry cream cheese croissants. Her cup of tea was still too hot to drink, so she let it cool next to her elbow as she thumbed through the pages of her physics book to find the chapter they were studying in class this week. Her other books were stacked next to her hip, all advanced, with her notes neatly organized in different-colored paper clips for each class.

(OOC: Time to study! Or was this just a ruse to ask her out? Or is it a prelude to a SUPER ACTION ADVENTURE? It's up to you! Guys only for romance, but I don't mind CR from others if you just need to voice test.)
(OOC Warning: purple prose and tense-jumping ahead.]

[ Well. This was...a mildly remarkable occurrence, even by his standards. One moment he's enjoying a leisurely morning walk around the block, and the next...

It was a sudden and jarring thing, really, to idly contemplate various thoughts and fancies and then suddenly notice that the surroundings aren't what they were. True, this'd happened often enough to him that he was past the stage of being floored by it...but it was never a totally easy thing to realize. Dramatically changed environment usually meant something was up, or otherwise on the way - and it could easily be something unpleasant, though it wasn't always.

A moment ago there'd been sunshine and blue sky; now there was a dark and heavy curtain of steel grey, a feeling of late autumn that sometimes preceded rain or snowfall back home. Gone were the residences and parked vehicles; in their place, an abundance of stylized bushes and hedges arranged to create a certain soothing aesthetic. Nothing but greenery as far as the eyes can see.

Saul Livingston knows this area well - it's a dimension he'd thought closed and sealed off. Of course, the possibility remains that it still is, and the current enviroment's naught but an imitation crafted by his present homeplane.

...Well, whatever. His inner power flow's at the right level, so he can handle it. Besides...he can't honestly say it's not good to see the gardens again. However little there was for him to do in the original realm, it does represent a nice change of scene, so long as no nasty surprises lie in wait.

Might as well keep walking. I mean, hey, that's why he left the house in the first place; at least now there's a chance it'll be interesting. ]

[Been too long since we've had a post, so I'm making one with this guy here. The goal is CR, CR, and more CR - I'm open to anyone and anything in this regard. Any interaction is good interaction.

If, on the other hand, you want romance...only females are eligible, and he likely won't seek much beyond carefree flirtation at first. Serious wooing isn't completely impossible, but by default it'll take a long time and lots of buildup - while exceptions can happen, they depend greatly on how well the muses mesh.]
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