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Carol Marcus

O U T O F T H E D O O R W A Y [and into the subway]

Carol's at the station.

She had found the doorway in the middle of the garden, and she had tried it, hoping that she'd be able to return to the Enterprise. Instead, she'd found herself in the middle of a rush of people all coming and going, and for a moment she thought she might be in a shuttle bay or transporter room- but a quick look around told her that it wasn't the truth.

A longer look informed her of her location. A train station, like something out of the old movies. She looked behind her, and was surprised to see the door she had stepped through floating in the middle of the station. None of the people seemed to notice it, but they did move around it, as if subconsciously they knew that they had to avoid the area for their own safety.

She wasn't quite ready to go back yet, though, and so instead she's now studying the map nearby. She's figured that she'll take one ride around wherever this place was, just a loop around to see something other than the garden for a little while- and maybe, just maybe, she'll find a way home.

As she does this, though, she's studying the doorway, wondering if anyone else from the garden will come through. It'd be nice not to wander this unknown place alone, even though she has no intent of going anywhere but on the train line and this station.

[OOC: OTA, for CR (either gender) or for romancing (just guys.) You don't have to write in prose. In fact, you're welcome not too- this post'll probably sound a little strange because I've not written with her in prose much just yet.]
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